The Bitch Network is a peer to peer mentoring club for women
based online with quarterly live events


The Bitch Network is unique in that it spans the divide between professional and entrepreneurial women, concentrating on what unites them as successful women: things such as resilience, a success mindset, and persistence.

The Bitch Network has been created to help women focus on the mindset for success and the mental and physical health needed to sustain that.


Members have access to online workshops, quarterly London based events and clinics as well as being placed with another member for their guided peer to peer networking experience every quarter. This means that members are able to benefit from the wisdom and experiences of their fellow members in all aspects of life, not just business.

Your Inner Bitch

The Bitch Network isn't a posse of mean women. The Bitch Network helps you access what we affectionately term your Inner Bitch, to feel more confident and stick to your boundaries, whether that means being more assertive with other people...or yourself...vital if you are to keep on track with all your goals, including health and wellbeing.

We are all here to help you stand as the strong, confident and empowered woman you were born to be.

At the Bitch Network, we're also not afraid to talk about things that other people often shy away from things like money, motivation, physical and mental health and even sex and relationships.

The Bitch Network is a resource to help us grow our careers, our businesses, our networks and our resilience, and have some fun at the same time.

Membership is by application. Interested non-members can attend one event either online or in London to try the Bitch Network for themselves.
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Your inner bitch is there somewhere wanting to be let out to play...

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