The Bitch Network

Think how different your life would be if you could say “no”. No to those people that drain your energy, have no respect for your time or leave you feeling used and used up. No to that extra drink or croissant that you don’t really need or want or that extra hour of Netflix that is going to eat into your sleep and impact upon the next day?

In short, how could you dramatically improve your life just by saying No?

To be a woman who stands up for herself and asks for what she wants.  A woman who can stick to her health and fitness goals without compromising on her quality of life.

The Bitch Network helps you access what we affectionately term your Inner Bitch, to feel more confident and stick to your boundaries, whether that means being more assertive with other people…or yourself.

The Bitch Network is run by business psychologist and coach Paula Gardner, with health and well-being consultant Rachel McGuinness, who head up a team of psychologists and coaches.

We are all here to help you stand as the strong, confident and empowered woman you were born to be.

It’s not about being a nasty person, or getting your own way regardless. It’s merely about accessing your inner strength, whether that will help you stand up and be heard in meetings or stay committed to looking after your own health. For good.

Your inner bitch is there somewhere wanting to be let out to play…

Ideas for well-being, flourishing and good mental health