The Bitch Network

Think how different your life would be if you oozed self confidence and didn’t give a toss what other people think of you?

To be a woman who stands up for herself and asks for what she wants.  A woman who makes great strides in her career – without losing herself.

The Bitch Network is a membership club that helps you access what we will affectionately term your inner bitch, to feel more confident, become more assertive and boost your self-esteem. The club is hosted by business psychologist Paula Gardner, alongside a team of psychologists and coaches. We are all here to help you stand as the strong, confident and empowered woman you were born to be.

It’s not about being a nasty person. Or getting your own way regardless.

It’s all about navigating being assertive without being aggressive and stopping any fears around what other people think hold you back.

Your inner bitch is there somewhere wanting to be let out to play…