The profile bureau

Psychology-Based Profile Raising


You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you’ve got a lot to share – your knowledge , experiences and your story. It’s not just that you are an expert. There is another layer to you, be it activist, a message that you want to get out to the world, or your own compelling story.

You’re also acutely aware that raising your profile is the best way to get your business or personal reputation out there. Visibility is a crucial part of credibility.

You may be itching to reach more people, or you may be feeling tentative and a little vulnerable. Either way, you are looking for someone you can trust to portray you accurately, open new doors, and become a trusted part of your team. Someone who has your back.


Led by PR and business psychologist Paula Gardner, we sensitively and systematically work to raise your profile. This can be within your industry, your market-place or an existing database of customers and clients with whom you would like to build stronger bonds

Visit our about us page to find out how, or just book in for a chat with our founder to get things moving. After all, you are a mover and shaker aren’t you?