Women Want More Sex Says Research!

New Research Shows British Women Unhappy With Sex Lives


A recent survey * has revealed that apparently British women are not satisfied with their sex lives. The majority are saying they would like more and better sex than they are currently having. A nationwide study into the intimate lives of British adults has revealed as many as one in five females now believe their libido is even higher than that of their partner or husband. To be specific, the numbers say the average woman has sex 2.4 times a week on average – but would like to be having it 5.3 times.

In fact, three-quarters said they wish they were having more sex and as many as sixty percent of the women polled wanted ‘better’ sex than they are currently experiencing. sadly,  18 percent admit that they just don’t like sex with their partner any more.

But why?

It’s great that women want more and are talking about it, but what are they doing about it? What’s stopping them from having better sex? Apparently one in five say their sex drive is higher than their partner, and 15 percent saying they’d be up for a threesome – but would be too embarrassed to suggest it. Sadly, sadly one in six believe their body is a disappointment to them. Whilst this survey makes for titillating reading, it would be far more interesting to dig deeper and find out why these women aren’t getting what they want.

Age Wins

There is a little hint that it could be something to do with age, but whether that’s experience, a feeling of  being more comfortable with their body or just cougars turning to toy boys, we have no idea. While 53 percent of over 60s females claiming they would like more sex than they are currently having. figures for the younger age groups are even higher.  81 percent of the 16 – 29 year olds’ surveyed, 75 percent of 30 – 44 year olds, 66 percent of those aged 45 – 59 and  It could also be that they were being less on honest on their answers, of course!

Confidence Issues?

And no matter how confident they are, the majority of women like to keep things just a little mysterious. 60 percent of them prefer sex with low-lighting, while only 27 percent want the light fully on – and 12 percent would choose pitch black.

Ten percent admit to having had more lovers than their partner thinks, while 11 percent admit their partner is not the best lover they’ve ever had. 72 percent admit that they have faked an orgasm, with 16 percent saying they’d done it to end a sex session which had gone on too long. Well, we’ve all been there…

Research provided by Woo Woo