When Your Confidence Icon Is A Pig

by Paula Gardner

Who doesn’t love Miss Piggy of The Muppets? That demanding, ass kicking diva who has the adorable Kermit wrapped around her little finger…well, some of the time that is.

While we are obviously a little tongue in cheek, Miss Piggy makes a formidable role model for many a woman who’d like to have more self-confidence. Self belief? Miss Piggy has it in spades. Self-esteem? The diva Pig won’t allow anyone to push her around. She also gets to wear the most breathtaking stage outfits.

Here are our thoughts on what lessons we can learn from Miss Piggy.

  1. She knows her own worth

“I don’t care what you think of me, unless you think I’m awesome. In which case, you are right.”

She doesn’t let what other people think of her hold her back or keep her stuck in people pleasing behaviour. Her strong sense of self-worth makes her attractive and charismatic. No wonder Kermit keeps coming back for more.

Lesson: drop the coyness. Accept compliments with a wholehearted “thank you” and start sharing and celebrating your successes with others


2. She throws herself Into her relationships

Whilst she was with Kermit she was totally loyal and committed to their partnership (even if he didn’t realise he was in it).  I would like to use one of favourite Bitch Network terms “lioness” but somehow it doesn’t seem appropriate for a pig. Nevertheless, she was protective, passionate and no one could doubt her affection.

Lesson: If you’re in, you’re in. Don’t be afraid to tell your date that you like them, or let your colleague know that you enjoy your lunches together. Be unambigious in your affection.

3. She embraces her single state

“We had some wonderful years together but I realised that it wasn’t fair to the rest of the men in the world to restrict myself to one frog.”

However, when she’s single she doesn’t mope over past relationships but throws herself into the next stage of her life. She moves on, and doesn’t let her past define her. Her optimism is yet another one of her endearing characteristics.

Lesson: do what you can to move on. Use tools like journalling. Look at all the positive things you can do in your single state that you coudn’t do while you were together and revel in them.

4. She loves every inch of herself

“Never eat more than you can lift”

miss piggy karate role modelWeight issues are non-existent to Miss Piggy. She knows that every curve makes up who she is, and her love of food parallels her whole-hearted love of life. Nevertheless, it’s obvious that self-care is high on her list, and she also invests time in her own fitness in the form of martial arts. Her skill in a number of these also promote the impression that this is one woman who can handle herself:

“Usually whenever somebody catcalls me on the street, there’s a new pothole the next day.”

Lesson: what can do to do promote your self-care and enjoy yourself as you are right now, not when you’ve lost ten pounds.

5. Her Career is a Priority

Miss Piggy takes her career very seriously. She allies herself with big names like Vogue (she was editor of French Vogue for a stint) and has a MAC make-up collection.  Her growth from the early days of the Muppets has inspired women so much that she has been given an award for being a feminist icon. She will be in the company of past award winners such as Gloria Steinem and Anne Pasternak. One of the organisers said of Miss Piggy:

“Miss Piggy embodies exceptional spirit, determination and grit and has taught important lessons about overcoming obstacles to generations of fans.”

Lesson: Keep working on and at it, always, and remember, you will be a role model for women behind you