Louise Dickins

Louise Dickins

Each month we work on a different theme around confidence and assertiveness. Being seen as confidence isn’t talking loudly or dominating the conversation. Confidence, true confidence, comes from within, which is why we do a lot of inner work at The Bitch Network.

We are currently exploring what it means to be you. Getting intimately acquainted with your dislikes and likes is key to knowing where to draw those boundaries. Up until now you may have been operating from vague feelings of things being comfortable or not comfortable, but our tutorial this month will really help you identify they things that are working for you in your life. Likewise you’ll come face to face with the things that aren’t. This will help you know what to ditch or delegate. You’ll also have the right information you need to set the right goals.

Our tutorial focuses on a fascinating exercise that is potentially life changing.

Our book of the month is Ekhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, which delves even further into what it means to be you.  Discover the “pain body” within us, and learn how not to feed it to avoid living in the negative. Learn how to stop the mind from ruling us or dragging us into mental chatter and how we can step away from the noise of our mind and move into our body. What’s more, share your thoughts on the book with our members in our private Facebook group.

This month I interview business woman Louise Dickins, co-founder of Dickin’s short term lettings, a successful lettings agency based in Edinburgh. We will talk to Louse about the ways she has grown her confidence through her entrepreneurial career and the times when she has had to dig deep and rely on her inner bitch. Louise, a woman who very obviously knows what she does an doesn’t like, also discusses how she has gone about creating her recent business launch, and the patience she is leaning upon in the process of building up https://www.unlocktours.com/

We also have our group coaching session where you can bring your own issues for coaching or just listen in.

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