nadine nejamin The Bitch Network August 2918

Up and coming events and activities this month in The Bitch Network August 2018

This month is all about getting started on your confidence journey. We begin with the importance and mindset and the knowledge that it is a path that will involve failures along the way. There is an element of resilience, of bouncing back, when it comes to growing your self-confidence. All the events and tutorials this month have been chosen to support and reflect that.


We begin with our tutorial around the links between Mindset and confidence. Bitch Network members can join the call live, or listen or watch the replay in their own time. Not only will we will be looking at some of the research around Mindset, but also starting to put together our own Confidence Journey maps.

Featured Interview

nadine love and prayerOur interview this month is with the stunningly talented opera singer Nadine Benjamin of I had the good fortune to host Nadine on one of my Visibility Retreats in Verona in 2017, and was wowed by her story. Nadine gave up a career in banking to follow her dream of becoming an opera singer, and the determination that shows is inspiring. She’s since sung all over the world, in some of the most famous opera houses, has appeared on Women’s Hour and is soon to be a guest on BBC Two’s Proms Extra with Katie Derham. You can read more of her story here.

Nadine was recently made an ENO Harewood Artist and this Autumn she will make her debut with them as Clara in Porgy and Bess.

She is also a lovely, warm and generous woman.

Nadine’s first single Schubert’s Ave Maria  is now out and her album Love and Prayer will be released on Friday 31 August.

I will be talking to Nadine about how she found the confidence to go for her dream, and how she deals with confidence issues around performing and whether she uses any tools and techniques on the stage and in her day to day life.

Bitch Network members also have their opportunity to pose Nadine a question of their own.

Book Group

Our book this month is Brene Brown’s Rising Strong, chosen to support the fact that it’s inevitable that we will fall and fail in our confidence journeys. We will need to pick ourselves up and keep moving on. This book looks at key attributes of people who are able to do that. Bitch Network members can read along and join a discussion in our Facebook group, or just read key take-aways as we go.

Bitchin’ Session

Our group coaching session via Zoom is on the evening of 21st August, GMT. This is your chance to take part (or just listen) to coaching around real life issue

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