Ten Ways to Up-level Your Life


Last week I enjoyed flying business class to Athens with BA, a rare treat for me. I indulged in free flowing Champagne, a quiet breakfast in the business lounge at Heathrow, priority boarding and a three course in-flight meal.  It was a delightful change from my usual budget flight with Ryanair. I felt pampered and relaxed. It meant that the holiday started with the flight, rather than the flight being something to endure before I started the holiday!

It made me wonder what other ways I could possibly adopt to up-level my life and make it just that little more luxurious. After all, with self-care a primary part of owner our inner bitch, shouldn’t we be doing this anyway? Here’s what I came up with…

10 Ways to Up-level Your Life

1. Travel. Always check how much it is to upgrade to the next class; you may be surprise at how little it is at times. Trains, in particular, often offer quite cheap first class tickets at quiet times. If you can’t afford the jump to business class, think about spending out on the entrance to one of the lounges where you can indulge in drinks, food, coffees, desserts, free newspapers and magazines, nicer bathrooms and some quiet times away from the throng

2. A coffee machine at home. Gourmet coffee, the beautiful smell, a gadget of beauty. This is one way to add a touch of luxury to every morning

3. Go luxury for everyday items like shower gels, hand soap or even loo paper. They will make those mundane moments a little more pleasant!

4. Matching underwear sets. Not only are these incredibly pretty and pampering, but they will make you feel more confident, pulled in and…well..sexy


  1. 5. Treat yourself to a subscription…something that arrives every month to give you a bit of a lift. It could be your favourite magazine or a monthly gift box. My daughter loves her Birch Box!

6.Get yourself a cleaner. Cut out arguments and come home to a house that looks clean, smells fresh and feels like a real home. If you can’t afford weekly, even once a fortnight will make a difference

7. Make sure you’ve got the best tools for your work. There was a time when I was struggling away on an old, decrepit PC that was driving me potty. It wasn’t until a friend said “you really do need to make sure that you’ve got the best tools for the job or it makes it much harder”, that it clicked and I got myself something that was much faster and more enjoyable to use. Duh! Sounds so simple doesn’t it but how many of us put up with something less that fit for purpose because we think we should?

8. Use beautiful stationery. Notebooks are one of my loves and a beautiful, new notebook always gives me a bit of a thrill. Anything from Liberty’s stationery department will make my heart skip

9. Add in some extra time at the gym and finish off your class or session with a steam or a sauna. As well as being good for your skin, it will add that extra feeling or pampering and nurturing to your work-out.

10. Finally, don’t save the best until “one day“. If you’ve got beautiful crockery you never get out of the cupboard, a luxurious duvet that’s only seen the light of day when you’ve had a VIP guest, or towels that you are keeping until your current ones turn into rags, just get them out and use them. Don’t wait for a day that may never come.

There you go. Ten ways to up-level your life.