Entering the portal

If one was to influence the other, there needs to be a portal. An entrance into the other world. ¬†Something that would connect with them both. It could have been a story I wrote many years ago, where the heroine is carried away into the underworld on a tube train that doesn’t stop. A copious amount of alcohol was involved too. Still, when I uploaded it, it seemed too prosaic, too contrived for what I have in mind.

A few days ago I connected with an old friend on Youtube and her son, whom I hadn’t seen for 21 years, made a comment that he remembered me as the one who introduced him to Kate Bush. He mentioned this film The Line, The Cross, The Curve in particular. And that was it. Already synchronicities are happening. The music is captivating, dark yet happy, haunting yet sensuous. Kate herself is a lovely cross-over between Pandora and Daria. A true professional, she embodies Pandora’s attention to her work. Her eccentricity and authenticity capture Daria’s spirit.

I invite you to watch The Line, The Cross, The Curve and cross over to the other side.