Scirocco led Daria to the mirror over the fireplace whilst Pandora slipped her legs beneath her and hugged the cashmere blanket around her shoulders.

“Stand straight,”  the winged horse ordered and Daria stood up like a soldier as her mother has always told her. She straightened her shoulders and looked int the glass. Her eyes met and a soft recognition took place.

“What is it that you see?”

“Myself, I am looking at myself in this room with you beside me and Pandora behind us.”

“Look again.”

She tried to focus but as her concentration grew, so her grasp on what was in the room behind her began to slowly fade. She gasped as a the now familiar room became a moving tapestry of her life in, what she already knew, was her future.

” I can see…” she whispered. Scirocco nodded for her to go on.

” It’s us, we are still here. I’m running a group, The Bitch Network. We have women from all over the world. I lead them, share tools and exercises with them, support them and challenge them. It’s a collective of strong and curious women. It’s powerful. I’m powerful. I can feel it. I was nervous at first. I’ve never been interested in creating community, In fact, I was led away from the idea, but here it is, I’ve proven to myself I can do it. And I love it too. I know people from around the world, and lead retreats in Italy that are sold out straight away. I travel to Italy looking for places to stay and get paid for it. People also come to me, by the sae, for strategy days that are part coaching and part pampering. This is amazing.”

“Good, so how did this happen?”

She felt herself breathe in deeply. I was brave, I did it. I created a Facebook group and linked it to my site – I got my website design to create a pop-up to lead women to my group, I had out my my contacts, I put it on my Twitter and other places. I  created my podcast and alternated between talking myself and interviewing other women. I had fun, I learned how to edit podcasts properly and then I created a programme that I sold through the group – around visibility and confidence. I build my list up first, started reconnecting while we were in lockdown, I became more open on social media, posting in a number of places, I blogged, I created my own medium publication and blogged on medium, I did as many podcasts as I could and started sending press releases out around over 50 material. I did a survey and used that. I got a kickstarter and used them. I started getting good money coming in so employed LC part-time, and also F as it grew. I began posting personal stuff on Twitter and building a following that way. I followed Lisa’s lead and posted more on Insta – my audience grew as I did. I did as many podcasts as I could and got into that midlife world. I really enjoyed myself too and saw it as my own exciting journey.

I got on top of my game and had fun. The first few months were about  building a following and then that was it – I was off. However, I had the energy to keep things going. Working with F and LC was great – we are a great team and L really gets it.

I held Confidence over 50 challenges -and tech challenges where people pay to join and learn how to do things. I empower mid-life women! This is great, I make my money through my programmes which are on be luminous, get noticed and be authentic. I also have one to one clients, and I do career coach training with clients to train them to become career coach – or luminous over 50 coach. This is an online programme and workshops that I sell for over 3.5k.

I also have good media profile. I get interviewed by publications regularly and am well respected, I used lightbulb to pitch and look for stories, and I also started sending out to the press myself every other week. I joined PR xxx for a month and got the most out of that – getting F to create me a list.

I feel younger than I have for a long time, alive, and excited. I also get sent things to review or even get paid to talk about them on. my blog and social media. I went from a handful of visitors on my blog to over 100 a day in a month, and then it kept doubling, so by the end of Feb I was looking at 100 a day, end of March I had 200 a day, and these converted to a lead magnet and got on my list, which I had already invigorated. It was very exciting. I knew that I was going to make money in Feb when I started getting more enquiries and knew I needed to create a programme, I got my partner to put some videos together to create a mini programme I could sell as a one-off.”

“Are you happy?”

“Yes, I proved to myself that I can do it, and I can handle the other sides of things, I had help and a sustainable form of income, I’ve learned that I need to get out there more, and I have enjoyed doing that. The people I have been introduced to are amazing and it’s got a momentum of its own, It’s amazing.”

Daria looked back at Pandora, her eyes sparkling.

“it’s your turn now, darling.”