The Eve Programme

Empowered, Visible, Empress: A 6 Month Mindset and Profile Raising Programme

Imagine something as tempting as a red apple: juicy, tantalising and so close you can smell it. Is that what success is for you? The Eve programme is a combination of business psychology, coaching and profile raising that has been designed to empower you to step forward into your vision, to become more visible, taken more seriously.

Eve is for any woman who has big goals for herself and her business, and knows that mindset, support and accountability is key to making them happen.

Eve is for you if you are ready to stretch yourself, but also want to have fun

Eve is for business women who are fed up of being a well kept secret

Eve is for anyone who is ready to make a serious impact.

Your Facilitator

I am Paula Gardner, a Business Psychologist and founder of The Bitch Network. I also have over 20 years’ experience within PR and marketing, including writing two PR textbooks. Get Noticed and Do Your own PR. I get a lot of joy out of working with strong, big-thinking women who want more, and have created this programme to help them get it.

However, we may talk about making the big leap, or playing big, and it’s great to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, but really making it to the next level is about adopting five behaviours.

  1. Using the Growth Mindset. Some people are naturally in this mindset, but for many of us, our thoughts can hold us back, even unconsciously. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the stress or of  working too hard, fear of alienating friends and family with our success. Even if we have none of these, unless we specifically flex the Growth Mindset we may be doomed to falling short
  2. Having Clarity and Confidence. Knowing what you want and the steps involved are crucial, as is cultivating the confidence to carry them through
  3. Using A Support Network.  Successful people don’t do it alone, which is why The Eve Programme uses the power of the group to create an intimate community that is not only supportive, but collaborative, sharing information, experiences and connections
  4. Being Accountable. It’s easy to let things slide, slowly falling down to the bottom of your to do list until they finally drop off into the ether. It’s equally easy to make excuses, get distracted by bright shiny ideas or give up when we hit an obstacle. Committing to being accountable somehow changes all that. You see others forging ahead despite their fears and setbacks and you’re inspired to do the same. The energy of the group inspires and encourages you to make bigger strides than you ever would on your own
  5. Being more Visible. You cannot play bigger in the shadows. Learn how to market and PR yourself trough practical exercises, challenges and personal feedback from a seasoned PR and marketing expert. If you follow the step by step instructions, you can expect a significantly higher profile by the end of the programme.

Starting in February 2019, the Eve Programme is the perfect Valentine’s gift for yourself.  It has been curated to cultivate each of the 5 Success Behaviors above, via:

  • A selection of psychometric profiling tests that will help us examine your strengths, personality traits for success, resilience and communication style
  • Bi-weekly bite sized video Masterclasses around psychology tools that will promote the growth mindset, bring clarity and help develop your confidence
  • Monthly online mastermind sessions where you tap into the magic of a group, share struggles and pool ideas
  • Weekly visibility challenges to uplevel your professional and public profile, both on and offline
  • A one to one 45 minute coaching session with me to kick off the programme, identifying your goals and strategy, followed by a 30 minute session half way through.


Then finally, we bring it all together with a Day in Paris …

Eve in Paris! This one day in Paris will take all your learnings and achievements so far from the Eve programme and take it up yet another level.

On The Day


chocolates on the visibility dayWe meet at the Gard de Nord and from there we’ll head to Montmarte where we will get stuck into our achivements and learnings over coffee an croissants.

This stuff is hard work so it will be followed by a break to pay a visit to my favourite Parisian chocolaterie, just in case you share my passion for heavenly chocolate.

Moving on, we will climb the steps to the beautiful Sacre Coeur, occasionally stopping, not just to take in the view over this stunning city, but to examine your current situation and all the options from various viewpoints and vistas. It’s an incredibly powerful metaphor that can be as breath-taking as the view.

We will also be intensely practical about it, looking at things like who you need to get to know right now, or unpick some tricky situation or belief that may have been holding you back or just making things difficult.


sacre coeur on parisan visibility retreatAt the Sacre Coeur you’ve some time to yourself to wander this awe-inspiring building, light a candle or climb even more steps to the tops of the Dome and get an even better view of the city. When you’re ready, we’ll leave the peace of the Basilica and move into the colour, hustle and bustle of Montmarte and the world famous Place du Tertre. This was the stomping ground of artists such as Picasso, and now the home of some of the best portrait painters in France, who may have to wait up to ten years to grab one of the much wanted licenses.

Over lunch, we will looking at the next stage of becoming more Visible. How others are going to perceive the more visible you in the flesh. How do you sound? Look? We even may do a little work on body language. We’ll assess if anything needs work and may add action points such as speaker training or a shopping expedition to your plan.

After a working lunch, you’ll have a little free time to visit the Dali museum, wander this amazing area or experience the atmospheric Montmartre cemetery (if you like photography, you won’t want to miss this), whilst you do a few coaching exercises to help you digest your work. We come back together for a glass of wine, tea or coffee on the terrace of a chic four star hotel that offers a different and yet equally gorgeous panoramic view of Paris. By now, we’ve moved onto strategy and action points, so that you’ll go away with what you need and concrete, achievable steps.

The group element of our programme starts February 14th, a perfect valentine’s day treat, with our one to ones happening before. Our day in Paris will take place May/June depending on our group’s availability. Groups are small, intimate and, whenever I have done things like this before, often end up friends and cheer leaders for life.

What’s included:

  • 10 bite-sized mindset tutorials, each with a practical exercise you can complete
  • 6 mastermind sessions
  • one 45 minute coaching session with me
  • A follow up 30 minute one to one session
  • psychometric personality and behaviour tests
  • One day strategy session in Paris, including coffee and croissants, lunch and an afternoon glass of wine/coffee/tea.

The Eve Programme is £300 a month for six months, or £1700 if paid in full. On joining we will set a date in the diary for our one to one, plus you’ll receive a number of psychometrics that you can share with me during our session. These are totally confidential and won’t be shared with anyone else unless you wish to do so.  Self-knowledge is a key weapon in moving forward.

You can join here on the monthly option. Please note that signing up commits you to the full course. This isn’t a jump in and try it out option.

Or email me for payment details if you would like to pay in full and receive £100 discount, paula(at)

Got questions? Email me and we can sort a time to talk.