karen campbell confidence

Marketeer Karen Campbell on starting her own business

karen campbell confidence interviewTell us a little about yourself and what you do…

I am Karen and I run my own marketing and events business, Karen Campbell Marketing.

How familiar are you with your inner bitch (that steely inner core or fiery lioness inside) and where does she come out?

I am quite familiar with her and she helps me out very often! Running your own business can be tough and one thing I have learnt is resilience. Naturally I am quite affable, friendly and, in the past, I have sometimes been too nice and accommodating. I’m still that way (the nice bit!) but I am also protective and aware of when boundaries are going to be crossed and ensure that doesn’t happen.

What’s the best confidence advice you’ve ever been given/read/heard?

That confidence comes from within. It can’t be faked, adorned or borrowed – it’s inside us all and it’s only ourselves that can cherish it. Only we are in charge of how we feel and when external factors affect us, we have a choice of how we deal with that. Of course, things will always have an impact on our self-worth and confidence but if we are true to ourselves, believe in what we are doing and offering whilst surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, our confidence will grow.

What time in your life has tested your confidence most and how did you get around it?

Professionally, it was starting my own business as I experienced a complete feeling of overwhelm and imposter syndrome traits. At times when things were tough, I felt fake and that I couldn’t do what was being asked of me but at times like that I had to dig deep and realise I wouldn’t be where I was not being able to do it and using past achievements and accomplishments to base my confidence on.

Personally, I would say it was a very messy break up with a partner who was very cruel in a time when I was at my lowest. I have since, of course, realised that he was just projecting his insecurities and issues on to me but at the time that hugely knocked my confidence and it was the people around me that helped me realise that I was actually ok.

What are your confidence/self-esteem wobbles (we all have them?)

I have loads! I sometimes get really paranoid about how I look, that I’m too loud (I’m a northerner!), that I swear too much (again, a northerner!), that people don’t really like me or that they think I’m crap at my job. Wobbles happen daily – it’s a part of our lives, it’s just knowing how to deal with them that we can control.

Who is your confidence role model?

There are so many women in my life who are confidence role models to me – too many to mention but from a famous person point of view, I’d say JK Rowling as she is so true to what she believes in and has an amazing sense of humour.

What’s your own confidence or self-esteem tips for other women?

Just don’t be so hard on yourself and know that you are doing what you’re doing for a reason and just keep up the good work. Find your tribe and support each other.

You can find Karen at http://karencampbellmarketing.com/