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Hulya Edal

When Life Throws You Lemons

by Hulya Erdal   If a complete stranger asked any one of my friends or family what my key characteristic was, they’d probably all answer, resilience. It’s safe to say, I’ve had my fair share of sour lemon moments and quite a few knocks to probably last me a lifetime. If you’ve ever wondered how…

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People pleasing

How To Stop People Pleasing Part One

People Pleasing: How Your Inner Bitch Can Set You Free   People Pleasing is complicated. On one hand it feels like you have everyone’s best interests at heart, that you’re a genuinely GOOD person. People are grateful and express this with compliments and expressions of gratitude that send an almighty kick of oxytocin into your…

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Passion and Confidence

Passion And Confidence

Passion and Confidence are an interesting combination. We argue that having real passion for what you do is a natural ingredient for growing confidence

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