Support Your Employees Through Redundancy

Times are hard. You may have had to watch the business you’ve built with blood, sweat and tears crumble in front of your eyes. Decisions are hard. Making people redundant is never easy. Even the word “redundant” feels like an insult, and having to say it to people you know, like and respect is excruciating. Nevertheless, it has to be done. Perhaps it’s something you need to do to be able to stay in business; but the likelihood is that you’ll have little training or preparation for this.

However, making people redundant is more than just checking a legal and HR tick box. The way that you do this is going to impact on them for a long time to come. As you launch them into a crowded job market, they are going to need the qualities of self-esteem, self-confidence and dignity to land their next job. As employers, we owe it to them to at least try to leave them with as much of this intact as possible.

One way we can do that is through outplacement support, but how can you afford this if you’re a struggling business? Career psychologist and business coach Paula Gardner has created The Redundancy Recovery Hub as an answer to this dilemma.

Paula has gathered together a team of experts to help people get back on their feet after redundancy. Collecting articles, interviews with experts, first-person redundancy success stories and psychology-based tutorials in one members’ site, the Redundancy Recovery Hub is a value for money outplacement resource that employers can use to support their employees.

“We know that current financial difficulties mean that some employers may not be able to support people as they would wish, with full outplacement coaching, CV writing etc., but the hub means that they can do something tangible for their employees, to set them up for their next path.

The Redundancy Recovery Hub has three main sections:

BACK TO WORK – all about getting people back to work in the shortest possible time. Here you’ll find material such as how to use LinkedIn to job hunt, interviews with recruiters, advice on online interviews and organising your job searching with 

CHANGING DIRECTION – this section is for anyone who is thinking of using their redundancy to step back, take stock and perhaps change direction to a new career path. We have expert advice and first-person stories from people who started their own business, went freelance, changed careers, went back to University or retrained. 

YOU – this covers the other parts of your life that can be impacted by redundancy, such as relationships, finance and health. This section also has tutorials on motivation, mindset and other psychology-based advice and exercises that can help with resilience at the tough time. 

Gardner has ensured the whole platform takes a positive psychology approach to boost the well-being, confidence and resilience of employees who have been made redundant — and who are being made redundant in ever greater numbers — at this difficult time.

AT £175 per month for 25 employees, The Redundancy Recovery Hub offers a value for money online outplacement experience that companies of any size and in any sector can include in their redundancy packages.

Employers can visit The Redundancy Recovery Hub or book a virtual tour to see inside the hub here: