Rachel McGuinness

Rachel McGuinness: Our Self-Care Coach

Self-care is the first step to raising your assertiveness. After all, if you’re not looking after yourself properly, why should anyone else? Rachel McGuinness is a sleep expert and well-being coach and part of The Bitch Network team. Here’s a little peek into Rachel’s approach

Tell us about what you do and why?

I’m working with busy people to help them to get healthier, happier and have loads more energy, so that they are more focused and productive both personally and professionally. I work with my ‘4 Pillars of Vitality’: Sleep Well, Eat Smart, Move More and Chill Out; however sleep is number one in my books, it is fundamental to health, followed by the other three pillars, I’m very passionate about helping people getting their shut eye. The reason I do what I do is that for too long I was a very ‘unhealthy and  unhappy bitch’ and decided that I wanted to be a fit and healthy bitch, and am now that very happy bitch!

Can you tell us about one big moment or situation where you had to draw on your inner bitch to get through it?

Ending a 30 year marriage and realising that I needed to do the next stage of my life on my own terms. It was a tough decision to make, some people say I was brave, but I had to do it, life is too short.

When was the last time your inner bitch came out?

When I was recently confronted with a reptile disguised as a someone’s pet. Normally you go to someone’s house they ask if you’re okay with dogs or cats, but sticking an iguana in my face and asking if I would like to stroke it and kiss it was a ‘no no’. My pet rules are anything that’s smaller than a kitten or a puppy and has scales isn’t my cup of tea. Keep reptiles and rodents well away or else the inner bitch will come out!

What triggers your bitch?

People who don’t take action or responsibility or ask for help when they need it.

What are your confidence/self esteem wobbles (we all have them!)?

Having ‘rebooted’ my life in 2017, I sometimes have those odd moments of “What the fuck have I done!”, but then I remind myself my new life is very different and I’m living life to the full and enjoying every moment.

Who are your bitch icons and why?

Founder of Huffington Post and Thrive, Arianne Huffington – I love the way she has influenced the world of sleep and health.  Entrepreneur, Michelle Mone – love her tenacity through the rise and fall of the Ultimo lingerie brand. Entrepreneur, Jacqueline Gold – founder of Ann Summers and is the 16th richest woman in Great Britain. Actress, Mae West – check out her amazing quotes, one of which is an “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away”!

What’s your favourite piece of advice for anyone looking to find her inner bitch?


I’m going to be a greedy bitch and have two:

You only live once, go live it!

JFDI – Just Fucking Do It!

Where can we find you?


@zestylady Instagram

Facebook and Twitter @wakeupwithzest

Linked In: Rachel McGuinness