Melanie Charles coach

Bitch Coach Melanie Charles


Tell us about what you do and why?

I’m a coach and facilitator. My passion is helping people make change in their life – mostly in their work life. I’m on a mission to Make Mondays Marvellous, by providing a platform for women to learn and grow personally and at work, by learning more about themselves and learning skills that will help them grow in their roles. Make Mondays Marvellous is everything I wish I had when I was learning to be me at work.

Can you tell us about one big moment or situation where you had to draw on your inner bitch to get through it?

So so many moments. I’ve spoken about this at one of Paula’s events – I was bullied at work by my boss, a woman. I’m the laid back person who prefers to steer clear of conflict, but it doesn’t mean I’m not capable of standing up for myself. I am. And I did. I went to HR and due to previous complaints about her, they wanted to use me to get rid of her. Umm. No way. I wasn’t going to be that person. So I opted for mediation and although the mediation didn’t work, they bought in an NLP and emotional intelligence coach and she was able to help steer the way I approached my boss and the situation and change the dynamics. I wouldn’t be who I am now without that experience.

When was the last time your inner bitch came out?

My inner bitch comes out most in defence of others. Don’t mess with my family or friends.

What triggers your bitch?

Melanie Charles coachThere are little things and bigs things. The little things usually just make me Grrr – like bad service ( I mean, how hard is it to be polite) and drivers who don’t indicate (the amount of times I’ve nearly been run over). If something happens to my family or friends. The protective side of me comes out and I want to swipe people with my lion paw (but I don’t have one).

What are your confidence/self esteem wobbles (we all have them!)

Who doesn’t have them, but I’m lucky. With what I do I now have tools to not let them sabotage my life. This one sadly, seems to be typical for women, am I any good as a coach, trainer? And then I have a good session and I’m on cloud 9 and know this is what I’m meant to be doing. And dating – will I ever meet anyone. Someone who just gets me!!!

Who are your bitch icons and why?

Samantha from Sex in the City. She’s not afraid to work in a mans world, be a woman and kick arse. She doesn’t try and be a man. She is just who she is and doesn’t take any prisoners.

What’s your favourite piece of advice for anyone looking to find her inner bitch?

Learn who you are. What you want and what you need. Once you know that, then it’s easier to find your voice, because you know where it is and who you are. You have a strong place to stand from. Your inner you. Then practice with people who you know will support your journey to opening that side of you. It’s surprising how supportive your friends and family can be when you let them.

Where can we find you? (site/insta etc) or @makemondaysmarvellous