Pandora and Daria Introduced


There’s a Pandora in many women.  Pandora worries, frets and often catastrophes. Much of the time, she feels like an imposter.  Pandora often compares herself to others. Usually, she comes off as not reaching the mark. Despite knowing that this isn’t objectively true, that these feeling are due to being brought up feeling that she isn’t good enough, the feeling still persists. “Enough” is a concept that has followed her throughout her life. She has always had “enough,” but longs for this abundance she hears others talk about. However, to be fair, she usually only does “enough.”  She likes to keep her life balance and calm; she’s not sure how to deal with it when something new and unexpected turns up.

Mental health is something that has risen to the surface in Pandora’s world recently. She’s incredibly careful of her own mental health. She sees herself as an expensive but ageing sports car: everything needs to be nurtured and kept in tune. She frets over sourdough bread, a lactose free diet and eating gluten free as much as possible. On the whole, she enjoys her food, but once a week feels like she has made a wrong choice and has to have an easy day, which often sets her back. She does try though. She walks, she does yoga, she crosses exercise off her to list and keeps it at the forefront of her mind. She lives in her comfort zone however, and doesn’t really push herself too much, in any aspect of life.

Interestingly, it doesn’t feel like this to her. She keeps herself busy with rewriting website, busy work and journalling: all of which she deems vital to her growth and eventual business success. However, she’s not sure why it’s taking so long.

Pandora doesn’t really let herself desire too much. She’s careful with her money and buys things she needs, like these walking boots. She needs these for her daily walks, her exercise, so that’s ok. That’s allowed. Since writing this, Pandora’s boyfriend has offered to buy her the boots – is the hypersigiling working already? Are they coming part of her reality? She decides to buy them for herself, but secretly wishes she said yes.

Pandora would quite like to be Daria. She would have said yes. Daria does not, however wish to be in any way like Pandora.

Daria is a bitch, and she loves it. She’s confident, assertive, doesn’t waste time on busy tasks, and she’s happy. Daria believes that you can choose not to worry or ruminate, that you can turn your mind away from negative thoughts.  Daria believes, saga norenlike Saga Noren of The Bridge, that you can choose what to think about. In fact, Saga is a a bit of heroine for Daria. She loves her dress sense, her focus and, of course, her sharp intelligence. Pandora and Daria are of the same intelligence. If there was a way to differentiate the two, it would be that Pandora is book smart and Daria street smart. Pandora tends to live by her intelligence, her reading, her learning. Daria is much more instinctual.

Pandora is curious about hypersigiling. She wonders if she could create a course around it and earn some money. As a therapist and coach, this could be her thing. She always wanted to be a writer, you know. Daria is only thinking of all the wonderful things you could conjure up. She’s done vision boards before and seen desires become reality. That’s another difference. Pandora has goals and strategies. Daria has desires and wants. She knows she is Pandora’s shadow side, but doesn’t see why that should stop her. In fact, she fully intends that it doesn’t. She looks at Pandora’s list of wants – the walking boots, a plate of posh cheese on Valentine’s night,  a smaller house outside London, and truly wants to blow them out of the water.

Daria’s desires are bigger than that. It’s Daria who wants the Victorian town house that’s five minutes away from the beach. Pandora would have been happy with a three bedroom terraced house a mile away. Yes, it would be safe financially, but Daria wants some fun. She wants space, beauty, to walk down to the beach on a summer’s morning in her flip flops, buy ice-cream and look out to the sea. Fuck the pension pot. Daria intends to conjure up a hot-tub, the expensive teal corner sofa that feels out of reach, and lots of foreign travel. She wants to the be that big fish in a small pond, and has a plan to make it happen. Pandora is fully on board. It’s a great move professionally, but Daria also knows it will be good for Pandora’s confidence. She’s very protective of Pandora, even if Pandora doesn’t know what’s good for her sometimes. Likewise, Pandora is happy about letting Daria come out to play, but at the same time, a little nervous. What could happen?