Love, Me by Melanie Charles

Bitch Network’s Melanie Charles Publishes Book of Poetry


Melanie Charles authorOur very own Melanie Charles has written a book of poetry. She tells us a bit more about it here..

I wrote these poems mostly in lockdown. This book is a combination of hope and frustration and the truth of moments in time. Like lockdown, my poetry during this time has been hopeful and focused on love and beauty, as well as the feelings of loneliness and frustration of lockdown. This book has been been away for me to get my art into the world and soon I will have posters of some of my favourite and more inspiring poems for anyone who wants to grace their walls with a unique poem.

The end of the book is a series of letters, called love notes from the universe. These seemed very relevant for now, so I popped them into the book. They are written from the point of the universe and what I imagined she would say to us about certain situations or moments.


Four am

It’s 4am,
The monsters
come out.
Tumbling and somersaulting.
Vaulting and twirling.
A circus of words.
Replaying every act.
It’s 5am,
The sun sneaks
Into every corner.
Glistening and glowing.
Laughing and snorting.
A mirror of hope.
Squashing and squishing
The darkest note.

I miss the rain

I took the sunshine
And left the rain.
An endless deluge
of fat raindrops.
I bought to London,
Vast oceans of blue.
I miss the rain.
Embracing the uncertainty.
Facing the strangeness.
Wondering when it will end.
Asking the white walls,
When will I next,
Be able to
drink gin with my friends.

A letter to Covid-19

Hello Covid-19, aka Corona Virus.
I don’t know you.
You don’t know me.
I hope this doesn’t sound mean.
I know you are trying to survive and replicate. But truly, I hope we never meet.

Please don’t come knocking at my door.
I’m staying indoors.
Closing all my doors.
I’m steering clear of others.
At least two metres, thank you.
That’s been hard, let me tell you.
No hugs, blah!
Covid-19, I know it wasn’t your intention
To have all this attention.
But you’ve turned our world upside down.
I’d love it if you turned around,
Waved farewell and said your goodbyes.


If you would like to follow Mel’s poetry on Instagram, you can do so @thetwomelz. You can buy Love, Me from Amazon here