Coaching to help you build confidence, build strong boundaries and say NO... even to yourself

You may not know it, but one of your biggest resources is your Inner Bitch. Your Inner Bitch is that part of you that houses your inner strength and here at The Bitch Network we all about you uncovering and using that inner strength.

We've heard many stories from women who have accessed their inner bitch to deal with being bullied at work, start businesses, and lose weight and keep it off. Bitch Network founder Paula Gardner drew on her Inner Bitch during a phase where she was going through a divorce and studying for her Masters, all whilst running her own business and being a single mother to three teenage children. Her business partner Rachel McGuinness used her Inner Bitch to detonate her life..leaving behind a 30-year marriage and choosing to live life on her own terms.

Your Inner Bitch is strong, sassy and can even save your life. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could access her whenever you wanted?

The Bitch Network founders Paula Gardner and Rachel McGuinness offer one to one coaching and programmes to help you do just that.

business psychologist, paula gardnerPushy Bitch: Confidence Coaching

Business Psychologist Paula Gardner offers coaching around confidence, assertiveness and maintaining personal boundaries.  Her coaching is informal, challenging and goal orientated. As a business psychologist she has a toolbox of exercises to add depth to her coaching, and over 15 years of running her own PR company in London brings a strategic element to your work together.

Paula is the author of two textbooks on personal promotion, Get Noticed and Do Your Own PR, and has written for the Guardian and Psychologies magazine.

Find out more about confidence coaching with Paula Gardner here. 




Hot and Healthy Bitch: Health Coaching

Rachel McGuinnessWellbeing expert Rachel McGuinness will help you a take a strategic look at your current state of health and assess what to need to stop doing and start doing to become hot and healthy, whatever your age. She'll help you access your Inner Bitch by devising a health programme that incorporates your personality and habits and takes a realistic look at where you might fall down.

Taking control of your body and making sure that you look after you is so important as no one else is going to put you top of their list.  Let Rachel help you reach health goals that will change your life.

Find out more about health coaching with Rachel here