Join The Bitches in London for some self-care, this September

by Paula Gardner

This event on self-care has been a long time coming. It was at an event in May that the glimmerings of the Bitch Network sprang into life. It’s been along time since that event and so much has happened: exams passed, holidays taken and this website brought to life.

Paula Gardner Speaking on self-care I had the idea for a membership club based around psychology since I started doing my Masters, almost three years ago now, but I just couldn’t come up with the right concept. After all “psychology club” just doesn’t sound sexy enough! I launched The Hot House, my business mastermind groups, in the interim, which was similar to my idea, but not quite the same thing.  Then, this May, I hosted an evening called Bitch at The Library Members Club. I spoke on the subject of how being worried about being called a bitch can sometimes hold us back. My co-speakers were my fellow Bitch coach Melanie Charles and vocal coach Angela Durrant.

To be honest,  I was astounded at how well the evening went down. We didn’t have enough seats for everyone, it was so packed. All the way home I had the voice of Hela Wozniak-Kay, co-founder of women’s business club Sister Snog, in my ear, telling me that there was something in this for me.

That week I went away on a business retreat in South West France, as part of my work with psychologists’ mentor Wendy Kendall. it was there, over copious amounts of cheese, and with the help of my fellow retreatees, that the Bitch Network was conceived. I think others knew this could be my “thing” before me – that voice in the ear from Hela, and fellow retreatee Michelle Minikin fretting about whether I had bought the domain name yet.

Now that work has been done, I’m incredibly excited to let you know about our next event, once again at The Library Private members’ club. I’ll be talking about ferocious self-care and why it’s so vital if you wanted to be appreciated and respected. With me will be my Bitch coaches Rachel McGuinness and Fiona Kearns, with Melanie Charles compering. Fiona will be explaining how self-care links to productivity and sharing the story of  a dark patch in her career that ultimately led to her writing a book on self-care. Health coach and sleep expert, Rachel, will be sharing some ideas on how to bring self-care into what might be a busy an over-whelmed life.

If you’re based in London, do join us. You can book your place here. There’s an early bird offer on right now.