Membership FAQs

The Bitch Network: Memberships FAQs


Here are some questions that may help you with your membership of our online confidence club, The Bitch Network. If you have an issue or question that isn’t covered by these, please feel free to email


Why join The Bitch Network?

If you’d like to work on your confidence or assertiveness then this is a supportive environment where you’ll get training and ideas to try out and bring into your life.


How long is my Membership of The Bitch Network?

Your membership is renewed on a monthly or annual basis, depending on which membership you have chosen.  You are free to unsubscribe at any time via PayPal and the subscriptions will stop. You then have until the end of your current subscription period to enjoy the site.


Do you do corporate memberships of The Bitch Network?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss.


How will I know when the coaching sessions take place?

You will receive an email with the dates of up and coming coaching sessions, plus they will be available to see on the Events section.


Can I get private coaching.?

To get private one to one sessions, you’ll need to choose the Queen Bitch membership when you join.  If you’re already a member,  your membership will be upgraded, with your current month’s subscription taken into account.


How do I arrange my personal coaching sessions?

You will be emailed separately about this. All private sessions are arranged directly with your coach.


What happens if I miss a private session?

Sessions are not refundable but we will do our best to rearrange sessions if you have given us 24 hours’ notice.


Am I expected to take part in everything?

Not at all. This is about you using what tools and information will best serve you. You can dip in as much as is right for you.


Are men allowed to join The Bitch Network?

While our messages are created for women, men are welcome. Plenty of men have issues around boundaries and confidence too.


Where do I start?

Listen to the welcome message from Paula Gardner , join the Facebook group, and listen to your first tutorial here. You can get to know each of our coaches in the interview section.


How do I get involved with the Book Club?

We’ll be using our Facebook group for that, so you’ll need to join the club to join the fun!


Are there any offline events?

We have events happening in London right now, but will soon be looking for people who would like to run events in their own home towns. Do get in touch with us if you would like to know more.