lick the salt from the caves


Descend deep, it says

Down to the caves

Touch the walls

Lick them

until the dark saltiness turns to blood

Open your heart

Play with the wind

Hear its call above the work and the words

Settle into your story

Trust for the first time

Let it show you the truth

Raise you up

open you up

calm your wild fears

that are only looking for a place to shelter and rest.


Take hold of the lamp

Let it guide the way

The light will flicker

will spit

will twist and turn

but it will never die.


This is the time of headache and loss

when liberty means less, and yet also more

When you remember what it was like to be you

and yet lose yourself once more.


Deepest heart

Open up

to light and laughter and pause

Take it all in

walk on the subtly shifting sand

toward your ancestors

but also away

Turn into the unknown

Put the salt back into the waves

that once belonged in the deep, dark caves

The flickered in the lamplight

You’ve carried it so far

The Guardian.


There’s a light

a chink

a gap

ready for you

to walk through

head high

into pamplemousse and pomegranate, velvet and teal, and rich ruby wine

served in silver goblets.

You can stay and drink

feast at the table

stretch out by the fire

and move on when you’re ready.


Dress like a warrior

Furs to love you

Leather to hold you

And a knife to embolden you

as each day

you ask yourself

What can I do to be brave?