About The Profile Bureau

My induction into the arts of PR was distinctly old-school: meeting journalists for drinks in gloomy basement bars, creating my own little black book, and cultivating the craft of building connection. I began with a music publicity agency, working on big names like George Michael, but within a year had branched out on my own, running a PR agency that specialised in restaurants. 

In 2004 I also started teaching business owners how to do PR through courses, programmes and workshops, writing two text books along the way, Get Noticed and Do Your Own PR.  Whilst many of my clients went on to have great success (Amanda Alexander and Rikke Hansen are examples), some struggled. They procrastinated over having everything perfect, or let PR fall to the bottom of their to-do list. Uncovering what was holding them back, I realised that most of it stemmed from a lack of confidence around visibility. This inspired me to decide to do my Masters in Business Psychology, along with a coaching diploma, in order to help them deal with their fears around being visible. 

Retraining as a business psychologist allowed me to blend the two disciplines to offer profile-raising services based around psychology. This means I get to use psychological profiling with my clients and their audience, create psychology-driven research and weave findings through campaigns and output. It also means that I am perfectly placed to work with anyone who is in the business consulting, psychology, therapy or coaching field. 

Paula Gardner

How we work

Our first session is a deep-dive into you: your story, message or cause. We then work a set number of days a month, chosen together, and provide a menu of what you can expect us to do for you during that time.  This makes it simple for you to assess our performance, and easy for us to understand what it is you want delivered. Profile-raising can consist of activities such as:

  • Blog writing
  • Pitching to press
  • Writing guest articles
  • Social media post creation
  • Social media curation
  • Social media posting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Podcasting
  • Finding guests and contributors
  • Creating books and down-loadables
  • Brand and personal photography

We will tell you what we can deliver in our monthly hours.

Do Your Own PR

We also offer Get Noticed Consultations if you would like to do your own PR. This will take you through the strategy and the tactics of creating your own PR campaign. 

Book a chat if you would like to discuss either option with Paula.