About the Bitch Network



The Bitch Network was founded by business psychologist and coach Paula Gardner. Paula began her career in journalism, moving quickly over to PR where she worked for an agency with big music names such as George Michael and Bananarama. Within 18 months she had left and set up her own PR company specialising in London restaurant PR. She spent over 15 years in PR and marketing and has had two PR and marketing books for small businesses published, Do Your Own PR and Get Noticed.


Paula Gardner

A few years ago she decided to go back to University to do a Masters in Business Psychology. She now offers personality testing for businesses and organisations over at Scarlet Thinking.  The Bitch Network has in part been inspired by her work with those people, and part by her own experiences. She has seen how confidence and assertiveness have the power to transform or suffocate a career or business ambitions.




In 2019 Paula was joined by her business partner at the Bitch Network, wellbeing expert Rachel McGuinness of Wake Up With Zest.


Before life with Wake Up With Zest, Rachel worked on European events in the telecoms industry. She was extremely unhealthy and was the complete anthesis to what she is now. She drank like fish, smoked like a chimney, hoovered up any food she could get her hands on (but was a serial dieter), hated exercise, was sleep-deprived, stressed and burning out. In the year 2000, she had an epiphany moment on a business trip to Barcelona and decided it was time to swap her unhealthy lifestyle for a much healthier one. She stopped dieting, stopped smoking, reduced her alcohol consumption considerably, set foot in a gym and within a few weeks began to see results. Three years later, she trained in fitness and nutrition and started her business. She’s gone on to train in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia, hypnotherapy, stress management and sleep therapy.

Rachel now has 16 years’ experience in the health sector, working with both individuals and forward-thinking companies who understand the benefits of happier and healthier employees.

Her passions are helping clients:

  • Improve their sleep so they wake up energised instead of wanting to hit the snooze button
  • Eat a healthier diet without feeling deprived
  • Get fitter without stepping foot inside a gym
  • Look after their mental health and cope when times get overwhelming and stressful

Rachel's biggest frustration is watching women self-sabotage their health and fitness goals by thinking that they are too busy or too old, or just put themselves last after everyone else. Rachel believes that the health industry today overcomplicates things and confuses people. In contrast, Rachel works with clients to set their own health and fitness agendas and stick to them.


Paula and Rachel will guide you through this exciting journey.

If Bitch Network membership isn't for you, but you want to work with either Paula or Rachel individually, then visit our Inner Bitch Coaching for more information.


Both Paula and Rachel love talking and are available for Bitchin' sessions - talks and workshops in their areas of expertise.

These cover how to:

  • Get the Bitch mindset for maximum motivation
  • Have a better experience in bed – we’re talking about the other ‘S’ in the bedroom, sleep!
  • Self-discipline, habits and rituals and how to use them
  • Eat like a Bitch to lose weight, be healthy without feeling deprived and still have treats
  • Understand others and get your own way
  • Train your Bitch to be more zen when life gets tough and throws curveballs.

Just get in touch - we'd love to be a part of your event