Paula Gardner - business psychologist and coach

About the Bitch Network

What is the Bitch Network? It’s a community that is led by psychologists and coaches centred around assertiveness, confidence and finding that inner strong self, the one we here lovingly call “our bitch”. Why use such a strong name? It’s because sometimes we are so worried about coming over as pushy, as demanding, as a bit of bitch, that we go the other way and become a people pleasing pushover. We may worry so much about what people think of us that it holds us back. It’s only by embracing this inner bitch, and coming to terms with her (or him), that we can step into our own strength without letting anxieties about what other people think impede us.


We are nice, really


It’s not about being a nasty person. Or getting your own way regardless. It’s all about navigating being assertive without being aggressive and losing that need to be liked by everyone. It’s also about knowing your own mind and path and sticking to it.


What you’ll find at The Bitch Network


This is a membership site. You will be able to join a community where you’ll find plenty of hand holding on the journey to becoming a more confident, more assertive you. We have video tutorials, articles and a book club, as well as the opportunity to work with our coaches on finding your own adorable, strong inner bitch.


Who Started The Bitch Network?


business psychologist, paula gardnerThe Bitch Network was founded by business psychologist and coach Paula Gardner. Paula began her career in journalism, moving quickly over to PR where she worked for an agency with big music names such as George Michael and Bananarama. Within 18 months she had left and set up her own PR company specialising in London restaurant PR. She spent over 15 years in PR and marketing, and has had two PR and marketing books for small businesses published, Do Your Own PR and Get Noticed.


A few years ago she decided to go back to University to do a Masters in Business Psychology. She now works with leaders, executives and business owners on visibility and any blocks they may have around it over at Scarlet Thinking.


The Bitch Network has in part been inspired by her work with those people, and part by her own experiences. She has seen how confidence and assertiveness has the power to transform or suffocate a career or business ambitions.


Paula has handpicked a number of coaches, psychologists and experts in leadership and development who will guide you through this exciting journey.


Can I work with you?


We’re not actively looking for new coaches at this time, but if you’re a coach or psychologist interested in working with us, please contact us and tell us more about yourself. We are, however, always interested in guest posts around confidence and related subjects. Please email us using the contact form if you would like to submit an article or pitch for the Bitch Network.