We recently had our quarterly Sustainability Breakfast. So, what happens at a Bitch brekkie?

It’s where we sit down over breakfast (healthy of course!) and discuss health goals for the next quarter. Not only that but we’re also discussing what our health challenges are and what are our current blocks and potential blocks are that stop us from achieving these goals.

If you’re out of the groove of being ‘healthy’ which could mean:

  • Getting the sleep you need to function
  • Eating a better diet that makes you feel good instead of tired and bloated
  • Doing some form of exercise to give you energy
  • Or managing your stress levels to help you cope with work or even life in general

Then being part of a supportive group that helps to motivate you, helps you through your challenges and that you’re also accountable to can really help you get those results.

One of the things we do is go on the metabolic scales, we do this pre-breakfast, to be honest, who wants a weigh-in post brekkie! This is optional depending on your health goals – we know some people hate the scales; however, these scales do give quite a few different metrics if you’re not into knowing just what your weight is.

They do:

  • Bodyweight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle weight
  • Bone density
  • Number of calories needed per day (most of us don’t need 2000 calories a day!)
  • Metabolic age or your fitness age – this is a great indication of how your body is ageing on the inside.
  • Visceral fat – the fat that surrounds your organs that potentially can cause type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer and heart disease

Knowing your numbers creates a starting point with your health, that becomes a measurable way of achieving results.

For example, if your metabolic age is older than your actual age and/or your levels of visceral fat are high, then the best way to get the stats down to normal is to eat healthily and do some or more exercise, so everything is reversible!

So, what type of things were we discussing this month?

  • How to be more consistent with getting back into an exercise regime when your whole working schedule has changed.
  • How to get better quality, uninterrupted sleep.
  • How to be more mindful about drinking alcohol when out with friends or work colleagues.
  • There’s a bit of a weight-loss campaign going on – someone wants to lose 6kg by January, someone else 4kg by the end of November and another 3kg by the next breakfast in December.


  • We looked at how realistic our health goals were and were they achievable?

  • Outside of the mentoring network who will either support us or could even sabotage us?

  • What were the other things that might stop us or trip us up over the next three months?

At The Bitch Network, we are honest and authentic and that’s what our members like about us. You don’t have to put on that ‘mask’ of everything is ‘fine’, you tell it how it is, and we give you the support you need.

We believe that looking after your health is a fundamental part of nurturing your ‘inner bitch’ to give you the energy and the focus to look after you and your business or career.