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10 Good Reasons to Join The Bitch Network Confidence Club


Working on your self-confidence can be hugely empowering, but it’s not an easy thing to do on your own. Here are ten reasons why joining a confidence club like The Bitch Network could really help you improve your assertiveness levels.

  1. Learning Based on Research

The Bitch Network may have a bit of an edgy name, but its psychologists and coaches believe that the best advice and learning is that which has been researched and put into practice. Bitch Network tutorials are based on sound theories and learning around confidence, mindset, assertiveness and related subjects.  It was founded by a business psychologist, Paula Gardner, who works with a handpicked number of evidence based psychologists and coaches.

2. Encouraged to take Action

Learning is one thing, but we soon forget if we don’t take action on that learning. We need to embed what we learn on a physical as well as intellectual level. The Bitch Network does that, encouraging you with confidence challenges and suggested actions. What’s more you can report back and hear how it worked for other people in the Facebook forum.

3. Live and Recorded Video Content

Video content allows learning through both an audio and visual format. This is so much more engaging than reading yet another web page online!  The live content is interactive and fun, and learning within a group atmosphere provides a strong sense of community.

4. Confidence Experts

We interview experts who really know their stuff. These thought-provoking interviews are around issues such as being bullied at work, Imposter Syndrome, people pleasing etc. There’s also an opportunity for members to pose their own questions.

5. Group coaching sessions

The monthly group coaching sessions allow learning, sharing and support within a fun and friendly environment. Members can also use the Facebook group as additional support, posing questions or issues for other members to comment on.

6. One to one Support

The upgraded Queen Bitch membership provides one to one support with one of the Bitch Network coaches. This is a perfect opportunity to work through an issue or situation or get individual attention on your own confidence journey.

7. The Bitch Network Book Group

A must for anyone into self-development reading. Each month we read a book that is related to self-confidence, adding a whole new element to your reading enjoyment. Share your thoughts with other members and get suggestions for life-enhancing books you may not have come across.

8. Inspiring Stories

We talk to women who have overcome confidence issues, people pleasing or other self-sabotaging behaviours, and find out how did they do it? The most recent guest was soprano Nadine Benjamin, who talked about the leap of confidence and self-discipline it took to jump from a career in backing to becoming an opera singer.

9. Cost-effective Confidence Coaching

The Bitch Network is a cost-effective way to get coaching around confidence. Starting at $47 a month, the confidence club also has an annual membership option with 12 months for the price of 10.

10. Share the Journey

Journeys can be so much more interesting when you are with other people. You realise that you’re not the only one having this issue. You can tap into other people knowledge and wisdom and save yourself a whole lot of time and stress.

You can join the Bitch Network here